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My name is Sally Evill and I design and make exclusive and unique head-dresses and accessories for special occasions. My work is inspired by architecture, textiles, art, history and flora and fauna, together with ideas proposed by clients. After thorough consultation, my designs are carefully researched and developed to create personal and original pieces.

All my work is handmade and therefore no two pieces are the same. I use a variety of metals and a range of decoration techniques including pierced sheet metal, wire work, etching and bead work to ensure the most appropriate effect per design and client.

Prices depend on individual designs.

For clients who wish to commission a personally designed piece, there is an initial design fee of 40. Once a design has been finalised a non refundable deposit of 50 is required. The balance can be paid either in installments or as a lump sum on collection of the head-dress.

Consultation is by appointment only.

For further information, please contact me by e-mail at sallyevill@hotmail.com

or telephone 0116 2863221